Christy Addis 

 Interior Designer, NCIDQ, ASID, CID, SDSA



Can a hundred-year-old industrial building be specially designed to accommodate changing displays of contemporary art, and an innovative education program, with an openness to the community, and with an attitude of wonder and discovery? That was the challenge of the proposed project to convert a former power plant to an art center.

The  large open volume of the generator room was proposed for the galleries, with the original walls and windows viewable from all levels. These levels are built to resemble the floating stalks of lilypads, as a metaphor for the contemplative state of viewing art.The nearby garage could become the classroom and administrative  offices. The space  in between would house the entrance lobby, a bookstore, and a cafe. On the first floor downstairs there are plans for a restaurant and auditorium.


Wonder, Learning, Discovery, Transition, Awareness, Contemplation, Anticipation, Floating, Memorable, Curiosity